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Why Insider Crew Management

Locating in Ukraine, we choose the best crew for your company from 360,000 seamen registered here. Working in shipping business more then for 15 years we know for sure that crew is one of most important component in stable and profitable work of your fleet at sea and during port operation. Having good experience in full crew management we do our best to satisfy all crew requirements of shipowners.

Best crew for your company

Recognizing the human factor as a powerful tool in vessel’s safe & qualified operations, as a vital factor in business success, Insider Crew Management with high sense of responsibility offers its services to satisfy all crew manning requirements of shipowners.

We are glad to suggest experienced Ukrainian crew members to your service who are ready to work on board of your fleet.

Seamen’s database of our crew agency is about 24 000 people, generally bulk, container, off-shore and tanker fleet. And it’s increase every day.

We are ready to suggest to your attention and service our ex-crew: seamen who made one or several contracts from our agency, who have positive recommendations and good references.

Profitable work of your fleet

How have we built strong relations of mutual trust with our clients worldwide?

Our philosophy has always been that the owner’s interest could be best protected only by our operating as an integral department of each client’s office. Our policy is therefore much more than flexible, it considers the style of each shipowner as a unique one, adopts it and proceeds accordingly. And, of course, we establish strong relations of confidence.

Knowing well that the crew salary is one of most valuable part of ship’s running expenses, we do our best to satisfy wage level of crew for every company, even for every ship. You will get the best candidates for any position required with the most effective salary.

For new companies we have a very good suggestion: first two months (probation period) we work free of charge. After the probation period we are expecting to get an offer from the Shipowner – please mind that agency fee and all the expenses are negotiable.

Full crew management

Insider Crew Management provides full crew management to shipowners worldwide you will get the best appropriate candidates within the shortest time. Before sending a candidate for consideration we do the following : careful selection from our rich database of highly skilled and professional officers and ratings based on their previous sea-service detailed interview including professional, English and ISM instructions knowledge tests.

Strict checking references from the previous employers reassure that our seafarers have in hands all the necessary legal documents in compliance with STCW ’95 imposed by IMO and ISM requirements corresponding to their positions and ranks seafarers have been examined for physical and psychological fitness and passed their drug and alcohol tests.

After your selection/confirmation of a candidate for your fleet we prepare: